VAT Management

Improve your VAT compliance with simple and concise reports

Add-On for Microsoft Dynamics GP


The UK has the longest set of tax rules in the world. No wonder so many businesses struggle to reclaim 100% of their VAT entitlement. Fortunately, we’ve developed a VAT software add-on for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Using rule-based workflows the solution allows you to assign VAT rates to General Ledger Codes rather than individual purchases, which means you spend less time reconciling VAT across the business.


  • Claim 100% entitlement

    The intelligence built in to our VAT mhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP does the hard work for you.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    Generate customised reports to make tracking VAT totals for reclaim simple and concise.

  • Improve compliance

    Create reports from within Microsoft Dynamics GP that adhere to HMRC legal reporting requirements.

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Hays Recruitment | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Hays found they were unable to fully reconcile their costs paid to temporary employees to the invoices issued for temporary work. m-hance had the answer: a combination of solutions that made billing and payroll far more efficient and accurate.

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