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Transforming IT: A Modernisation Journey for Buchanan and Curwen with mhance

The Challenge:

Buchanan and Curwen Limited based in Leatherhead, Surrey, is a leading provider of electrical design and installation services catering to residential, commercial and industrial properties. The business was relying on a traditional on-premise IT infrastructure and while they already had some Cloud Services through Microsoft 365, their usage was limited. With the increasing need for remote work, the company decided to leverage their existing Microsoft 365 solution and upgrade to Microsoft 365 Premium to enhance productivity, collaboration and security for remote workers.

John Hickey, the Company Secretary at Buchanan and Curwin Limited, reflects on the IT challenges the company encountered, stating, “We confronted various issues within our IT infrastructure, such as a limited adoption of Cloud Services in Microsoft 365 and reliance on a Small Business Server running Windows 2012R2 Essentials for local domain services, also serving as a print and file server. After extensive discussions and recommendations from mhance, we concluded that the optimal approach was to modernise our IT environment and fully embrace the available Microsoft technology. We express our gratitude to the mhance team for their invaluable guidance and ongoing support throughout this transformation.”

Additionally, the organisation encountered issues with inefficient communication and collaboration tools for remote users, leading to difficulties in maintaining effective workflows. Furthermore, there were notable concerns surrounding data security and compliance, prompting the need for a comprehensive solution to address these multifaceted challenges and enhance the overall efficiency and security of their IT environment.

The Solution:

Under the guidance of mhance, Buchanan and Curwen decided to migrate from Microsoft 365 Business Standard to Microsoft 365 Business Premium and leverage the Enterprise Mobility and Security features that come with it and enlisted the mhance team to help them achieve it. This upgrade included several facets to address their challenges, including:

Enterprise Mobility and Security Features:

  • Microsoft Intune: A cloud-based device management service that allows the company to enforce security policies, deploy applications and updates, and monitor device health and compliance.
  • Conditional Access: Enables the company to set rules for authentication requests, such as requiring multi-factor authentication or restricting access from certain locations or devices.
  • Single Sign-On: Simplifies the login process for users by allowing them to use one set of credentials for multiple cloud-based portals, if supported by the service provider.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Helps the company protect sensitive data from being leaked or stolen by creating policies that restrict how certain types of data can be shared or transferred, such as financial data or credit card details.
  • Information Protection for M365: Allows the company to classify and protect data based on its sensitivity level. This includes using labels to mark files as confidential and applying restrictions on how those files can be emailed, printed or downloaded.
  • Microsoft Defender for Business: An endpoint protection solution that provides advanced threat detection and prevention for devices and applications replacing existing antivirus solutions.


Cloud Migration:

Moving Files to the Cloud: Migrating user folders to OneDrive for Business for cloud-based storage means Buchanan and Curwen can access files offline which automatically sync to the cloud when users are back online.

Microsoft Teams Adoption:

Improved Collaboration with Microsoft Teams: Making it easier for all users within the organisation to work together and have real-time discussions and simultaneous document editing.

Upgrading PCs and Security:

Replacement of Desktops: The recommendation for Buchanan and Curwen to replace older desktop PCs for existing application users. This involved using Microsoft Autopilot to register devices in Intune for managing application deployments and security updates. Autopilot allows devices to be sent directly to end users with minimal set up required.

Protection of Data:

Data Backup Plan: Implementing a Microsoft 365 backup solution for the organisation’s data, including from emails in Exchange Online and documents held within OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online.

Decommissioning of On-Premise Server:

  • Migrating file shares to OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Ensuring office PCs can directly print to office printers.
  • Enrolling end user devices in Azure AD.
  • Transitioning the IP address assignment (DHCP) to another device.


The Results:

Buchanan and Curwen successfully transitioned to a modernised, cloud-centric IT environment. This upgrade has significantly enhanced their remote work capabilities, improved collaboration, and ensured robust security measures are in place.

During the implementation process, end-user computer management underwent a complete transformation. Microsoft Intune was utilised for seamless software provisioning and deployment, aligning with the goal of optimising operations. The configuration and deployment of standard policies were meticulously documented to ensure transparency and ease of understanding. To minimise disruptions, a phased rollout strategy was executed, covering critical aspects such as device encryption, software deployment from the Microsoft App Store, password policies, device security policies, and standardisation.

In terms of IT security, a proactive approach was taken by prioritising the implementation of Two-Factor Authentication to enhance user account security. Simultaneously, the introduction of Microsoft Defender for Business provided enhanced protection against malware and other threats, which reduced the risk of data breaches.

As part of mhance’s commitment to providing comprehensive services, ongoing support for Intune and Microsoft 365 software was offered. The flexibility of call-off days allowed for additional support beyond the standard coverage, addressing specific services or projects as needed. mhance’s involvement extended beyond day-to-day operations to include participation in IT projects, training sessions and regular discussions focused on IT strategy, potential risks and the management of third-party contracts. This comprehensive and collaborative approach ensured the successful implementation of a streamlined and secure end-user computing environment at Buchanan and Curwen.

"We express our gratitude to the mhance team for their invaluable guidance and ongoing support throughout this transformation." John Hickey, Company Secretary at Buchanan and Curwen (Leatherhead) Limited

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