A buyer’s guide to Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit

A buyer’s guide to Dynamics 365 & Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions transform the way Not-for-Profit organisations take control of all their supporter interactions.

Yet, lack of ownership and control of data have been identified as primary causes of why people feel negatively towards charities. According to the NfP Synergy “Fundraising Around the World” report released in March 2019, only 52% of the British public trust charities. Up until 2014, trust in charities sat at an average of 67%, highlighted by the Charity Commission’s 2018 report, but has been on a downward trend since then. Since 2019, trust and confidence in charities has increased but has still not recovered to its pre-2014 levels.

What’s become clear is that charities are now under pressure from the media, the government and their own supporters to take responsibility of the effects of their marketing campaigns and data management activity. And CRM solutions do just that.

This guide has been written to help Not-for-Profit organisations with their CRM buying journey. We outline the key questions that our customers, organisations like yours, asked when they were considering a new CRM solution.


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