Paper invoices cost up to 89% more to process compared to einvoices - According to the UK e-Invoicing advocacy group

Low Cost Add-On to Microsoft Dynamics GP


Many suppliers issue PDF invoices to their customers via email. But manually mapping that information to Microsoft Dynamics GP can be a time consuming exercise. eInvoicing is a low cost add-on to Microsoft Dynamics GP developed by us, that could help you to put that time to better use. It works by reading the emails that your suppliers send to you and converting the PDF invoices attached to them into a format that is readable by Microsoft Dynamics GP ready for automatic upload. As well as saving time, you can negotiate prompt payment discounts, through more efficient processes. You can save time archiving too whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.


  • Make instant cost savings

    The UK e-Invoicing advocacy group says that paper invoices cost 74% to 89% more to process compared to eInvoices.

  • Pay suppliers on time

    Support your team to make payments on time by reducing manual workload and improve supplier relationships.

  • Remove the need to archive paper invoices

    The current retention period in the UK is six years. Therefore organisations can save time archiving and improve compliance through eInvoicing.

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Hays Recruitment | Microsoft Dynamics GP

ays found they were unable to fully reconcile their costs paid to temporary employees to the invoices issued for temporary work. m-hance had the answer: a combination of solutions that made billing and payroll far more efficient and accurate.

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