Remove barriers surrounding online giving integration

Remove barriers surrounding online giving integration

Online charitable contributions are on the rise and for your charitable organisation, embracing online giving is crucial. These platforms offer a valuable opportunity to showcase your mission to potential donors and engage new supporters.

Moreover, the average online donation in the UK now hovers just under £65, underlining the significance of monitoring donations made through online giving platforms.

Our NfP 365 suite of solutions includes a supporter relationship management platform, seamlessly incorporating online giving integration as a standard feature. Built upon the Microsoft Dynamics CRM framework, our NfP 365 suite consolidates data from diverse sources, including online giving platforms, website interactions and financial records, to offer a single view of each supporter.


Charity Marketing with our NfP 365 Suite

With our NfP 365 suite of solutions, you can manage donations and pledges, track time donated by your volunteers, re-claim Gift Aid and see a 360-degree view of each supporter, which you can use to profile and then target your supporters through in-built marketing functionality.

Better yet, you can dictate how to respond to money pledged through online giving integration. For example, by automatically generating a task to place a phone call to any donor who pledges more than £50.



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