Our Azure Managed Services offering provides on-going support and maintenance for your IT infrastructure

Increase Confidence

Gaining access to a skilled and dedicated team designed to complement your in-house IT Department, can help remove the burden that your IT Department faces today and can assist with bridging the technology skill gap, giving them the confidence to deploy and use Microsoft Cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure Solutions

Providing first class design, deployment and support for Microsoft Azure Solutions, m-hance’s team of skilled Technical Consultants ensure that systems are pro-actively monitored to ensure they keep your business running.

To give you the confidence in our services, we offer a Cloud Reporting Pack to give you the visibility of what is happening with your IT Infrastructure.

Microsoft 365 Support

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Our Microsoft 365 Support service ensures that your IT Team has the skills and know-how to get the most out of the Microsoft 365 platform.

With three levels of support to choose from, you can be confident that you are using the latest in features and security that the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform has to offer.

We provide a range of third-party add-ons to complement the Microsoft 365 Cloud Platform – ensuring data integrity and recoverability.

Microsoft Intune


Having the ability to manage, deploy and control application use across corporate and personal devices is more important than ever.

mSupport for Microsoft Intune gives you the ability to deploy, upgrade and securely manage data on end user devices. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is often ruled out by SME organisations because the tools aren’t available. Microsoft Intune allows staff within your organisation the ability to use their own device without the IT Management overhead of manually removing data.

Our tailored approach

For some organisations, the journey from on-premises IT Infrastructure to Cloud can be a daunting process. m-hance has helped organisations transition to both hybrid and fully managed Cloud environments, working with in-house IT Departments and other IT providers.

Our approach is not a one size fits all model, the Cloud offers flexibility and we ensure that you get the most out of investments that you have today and keep in place the familiar tools that the IT Department is comfortable using.

Preparing for the Future

IT is an ever changing world and IT Departments don’t always have the time to keep up with the changes in technology. By assisting your organisations with your IT Roadmap, together we can ensure that the technology employed by your organisation not only meets the demands of today, but also has the ability to flex and meet the demands and challenges of tomorrow.

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