Dynamics 365 for Charities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored to Charities

Our Suite of Solutions: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Not-for-Profit sector

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Report and track ROI, manage volunteers and donations, reclaim Gift Aid, monitor social media conversations and automate marketing activity, all from one central place.


As a Not-for-Profit organisation, your primary mission is to enact positive change. However, the landscape is evolving rapidly. With numerous avenues for engaging with your cause, both online and offline, it can become challenging to identify all your supporters. Moreover, in a crowded space with various worthy causes, fostering engagement can be a formidable task.

To address this, we've developed a suite of solutions to assist you. Our suite of solutions for charities are built upon Dynamics 365 and seamlessly integrate with virtually any other system. This integration provides you with a unified perspective on each supporter. You can create profiles for your supporters and execute timely, relevant campaigns using the comprehensive reporting and marketing features, thereby transforming one-off donors into lifelong advocates for your cause.

Furthermore, to help you to comply with regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we've tailored our solutions to ensure that your Not-for-Profit organisation stores, collects and disposes of your supporter data in a compliant manner.

  • Familiar and easy to use solution

    If you’re a Microsoft Office 365 user, you’ll find that our NfP 365 suite is familiar and easy to use. So, you can start benefitting from your investment straight away.

  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365

    Users can access the functionality of the entire Microsoft suite from a single platform providing an intuitive, efficient way of working that users will love.

  • Discounted licences for registered charities

    We can help you access discounted licenses through the Microsoft Donation programme. If you'd like us to help you too please get in touch.

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