Azure Virtual Desktop


Most organisations have adopted remote working as the norm since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Azure Virtual Desktop allow organisations to securely deliver full desktops and applications to remote users with the same experience they have in the office including single sign on.

Addressing a Broad Range of Business Needs

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) can address a broad range of business needs.

  • Security and Regulations which may need to be adhered to for organisations (charities, healthcare, government bodies)
  • Flexible workforce with mergers and acquisitions, contractors, branch workers, BYOD and mobile devices
  • Legacy and non-web enabled apps
  • Specialised apps for groups to facilitate development and testing



There are several benefits specific to AVD.

  • Connect from any device of your choice (Windows, MacOS/IOS, HTML5, Android, Linux)
  • Like local Windows experience with extensive support for devices
  • Enhanced RDP protocol providing support for Windows Hello for Business and smartcard authentication, dynamically adapting bandwidth utilisation and improved experience with graphics, resolution and scaling
  • User profiles using FSLogix for faster logon times
  • Native Office 365 performance (uncompromised O365 email and calendar performance, real-time Outlook search, seamless O365 co-authoring and collaboration in non-persistent environments)

Enhanced Security

  • Azure AD Identity Services provides sophisticated security services such as multi-factor authentication and Conditional Access
  • Reverse connect eliminates the requirement to open inbound ports to the virtual machines
  • AVD role-based access control enables the delegation of admin rights at a granular level
  • Isolated user sessions in both single and multi-session environments

Simplified Management

Defender for Endpoints
  • Both desktop and RemoteApp are managed through one AVD service
  • Familiar Azure AD credentials, to access resources
  • AVD customers can leverage a broad set of VM management tools via AVD and Azure (VM deployment, OS and App update tools)
  • Advanced Diagnostic Service to identify root cause and fix issues more efficiently
  • 3rd party value-added services enabled by APIs

Built on Azure

Standardised, Global and Secure Cloud Platform

  • Consistent infrastructure across regions
  • Largest geographical footprint with over 55 regions
  • Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center with over 3,500 security professional and $1 billion dollar annual cybersecurity budget

Cost Optimised Infrastructure

  • High utilisation and lower operational costs with Windows 10 multi-session in Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
  • Pay for actual usage rather than having to provision for peak usage with on-premise
  • Flexible compute costs with Pay as you Go or Reserved Instance VMs
  • Pay for actual outbound data transfer instead of peak two-way data transfer
  • WVD doesn’t require Windows Server license for session host VMs (i.e., session host VMs charged at Linux compute rate)
  • Efficient Opex cost versus High Upfront Capex cost for on-premise
  • Management services included with WVD (no additional management infrastructure required)
  • No Remote Desktop Services CAL required for Windows 10 multi-session
  • 3-year Extended Security Update is included for Windows 7 VMs running on Azure

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