JustGiving integration: 3 reasons why Not-for-Profit marketing teams cannot live without it


Online giving platforms are now an essential tool for Not-For-Profits’ fundraising efforts, and by extension, so are features such as JustGiving Integration. JustGiving is the most popular online giving platform in the UK, used by organisations and individuals alike when fundraising. This means there are very few fundraising campaigns that do not incorporate JustGiving at some point, regardless of whether the site integrates into your CRM or not. Its success is based on the website’s simplicity and security for the site users when donating. Just like any other SAAS (Software as a Service) business, JustGiving is rich in data too, data that is constantly used to improve the way the site works for its users as they discussed at Microsoft’s Future Decoded event last week.


Sketchnote from the JustGiving keynoteat Microsoft Future Decoded 2016

Here are 3 reasons why your Not-for-Profit marketing operation needs a JustGiving integration just as much as the online giving platform itself:

1. JustGiving integration for a 360-degree view

First and foremost, for a Not-for-Profit marketing team to design a dream fundraising campaign, you will need:

  1. A generous budget (bear with me)
  2. Complete buy in from your leaders (difficult, I know)
  3. A 360-degree view based on up-to-date, accurate knowledge of existing and potential supporters (Now this one you can achieve)

Your JustGiving account is definitely a piece of that 360-degree jigsaw, as its provided reports offer insights into who and how much has been pledged and raised, and so much more. Integrate JustGiving with NfP 365 (a dedicated CRM solution for the NfP sector that’s based on Microsoft Dynamics 365) however and the same intelligence is cross-referenced with your existing contact and campaign data. Let the dashboards provide you with real-time updates of your campaign performance, including breakdowns of your marketing and JustGiving geographic reach so you can redirect your next round of communications accordingly.


JustGiving integration means donor data in the context of your CRM

2. JustGiving integration for marketing automation

Marketing automation functionality is becoming more commonly used by Not-for-Profit marketing teams. By personalising the entire communication strategy, on top of the individual emails and direct mailers, we have a much greater say in supporters’ experience with the brand. The most basic examples are automatic responses to online form completions or web downloads, but they can be as complex and comprehensive as you want.

With NfP 365, your JustGiving account can be the trigger point for a marketing automation workflow. With simple drag and drop functionality, a supporter that raises a specific value can receive an automatic Congratulations and Thank You!’ email, or a task can be set up for a member of your management to make a personal phone call if they raise a particularly large amount. It can be set up however you want. And the beauty about marketing automation with NfP 365; it can be set up, analysed and improved easily by you and your team. No coding required and no developer involvement whatsoever.


Incorporate JustGiving activity into marketing automation campaigns

3. JustGiving reporting from any device

Typically, being away from the desk means that the campaign progress report you wanted to share before your 2 o’clock train to the city isn’t going to happen. Your ideal scenario is that you have the time sat at the station and on the train to send out the stats that will inform and motivate the wider team.. Many software platforms promise insights on the go but have a diluted mobile and tablet offering so you can only see fragments of data. The JustGiving reporting from any device is admirable if you’re meeting bound or sat at your desk. You can access and export insights such as the breakdown of donations and pledges and other useful metrics.

Reporting on your JustGiving figures with NfP 365, however is very much a first class carriage experience. NfP 365 is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. A business solution which has been testified as mobile-first, cloud-first’ so the colourful dashboards with drill-down capabilities that you have on your desktop are accessible and shareable whilst your rubbing shoulders in coach C.

It is almost impossible to reach your charity’s objectives without fully embracing third-party tools like JustGiving and other online giving platforms. At m-hance we’ve designed NfP 365 from Microsoft Dynamics 365 because of the seamless integration with these tools, as well as others such as Microsoft Office 365 applications. Having a single, central, real-time dashboard of all of the metrics that matter to your events and campaigns keeps your charity focussed on your cause and not spending time manually rekeying information. To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Not-for-Profit organisations, see our free buyer’s guide.


tory-cassie-mhanceArticle by:
Tory Cassie
Not-for-Profit Sales Manager