GDPR Assist for Dynamics GP – on-demand webinar


This on-demand webinar will take focus on “GDPR Assist for Dynamics GP” with our m-hance expert Sunita Chandnani. This 30-minute demonstration will dive into how our solution can help support your organisation when it comes to personal data and GDPR.


The core functionality of our product is to support the anonymisation of personal information stored within Dynamics GP. The anonymising of data meets the requirement to discard data under GDPR. As such, GDPR Assist supports the implementation of a plan for discarding personal information stored within Dynamics GP in line with GDPR.

It is important to note that this functionality is required for data pertaining to individuals rather than companies; so for example, a business serving both B2B and B2C may need to differentiate records relating to individuals from those relating to companies – our product supports this distinction.

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