Anthony Nolan selects m-hance to help the charity better engage with its supporters

m-hance, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and provider of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to the not-for-profit sector, has been selected by Anthony Nolan to help the blood cancer charity better engage with its supporters of today and in the future.

Anthony Nolan was the world’s first register of people willing to donate their stem cells, to people with blood cancer and blood disorders who desperately need lifesaving transplants. Today the charity helps three people each day find a matching donor.

Anthony Nolan is embarking on a wider two-year programme called Transform, which will result in a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, a new website and most importantly, much higher quality data; enabling the team to create innovative and focused supporter journeys. m-hance was selected as the charity’s partner of choice to implement and deliver the CRM aspect of Transform.

Alan Moody, CEO at m-hance says

“We were thrilled to be selected as the CRM partner of choice by the team at Anthony Nolan. Transform is a really exciting project to be a part of and we are delighted to be involved. We’ve been working closely with the team for the past 6 months and plan to go live with the first part of the project within the next two months. m-hance works with a wealth of charities within the sector and we have delivered over 100 CRM implementations, providing experience and expertise as well as a solution that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of charities.”

Anthony Nolan selected m-hance’s NfP 365 Enterprise solution, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. The charity has already made a significant investment in Microsoft Dynamics, in particular within the operational part of the charity which recruits and contacts stem cell donors. This meant that selecting a further Microsoft Dynamics solution for the CRM project was key so that all systems integrated seamlessly with each other. The charity also has its own strong relationship with the Tech for Social Impact team at Microsoft and felt strongly that its Dynamics partner should have an equally strong connection with the technology giant – one of influence, trust and mutual technical respect, which m-hance has.

Danny Attias, Chief Digital and Information Officer says

“When it came to selecting a Dynamics partner, we were looking for excellent references and a product specifically designed for charities for fundraising and to manage volunteers. m-hance’s relationship with Microsoft is also significant as they work closely together to steer the direction of Microsoft solutions. The NfP 365 Enterprise solution is a great fit for Anthony Nolan as we don’t have to worry about integrations with JustGiving or HMRC etc; all of that hygiene is taken care of meaning we can focus on our unique requirements, rather than replicating generic functions that all charities need. We’re only ever really focusing on the things that matter to us and that are unique to us as an organisation. The things that are common will be taken care of. Over the past few months, we have been busy planning what we want the new CRM to do for us, our patients and our supporters; we are now looking forward to delivering the first part of the project.”

Following the completion of the Discovery phase, which at first involved standard face to face workshops and then had to move to remote discussions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the m-hance and Anthony Nolan teams are busy working on phase 1 of the programme which they hope to deliver within the next two months, including building out a volunteer journey from scratch. The charity, with its selected website partner, is also creating its new website which will enable them to test a number of the required integrations involving the website, the CRM and the marketing platform.

View the video podcast interview with Anthony Nolan here.

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About m-hance

m-hance is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner and a leading supplier of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to the not-for-profit sector. With over 20 years’ experience, m-hance has helped charities such as Oxfam Ireland, Christian Aid, Solent Mind, the Motor Neurone Disease Association and the Irish Cancer Society optimise their fundraising campaigns and improve their marketing efforts through Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

About Anthony Nolan

Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer. The charity uses its register to match potential stem cell donors to blood cancer and blood disorder patients in need of stem cell transplants. It also carries out pioneering research to increase stem cell transplant success, and supports patients through their transplant journeys. Every day Anthony Nolan gives three people a second chance at life. Find out more at