Purchase & Expense Management for Business Central


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When it comes to managing your purchases and expenses, we understand that organisations can have multiple approval routes. This can often be dependent on the relevant line manager’s approval limits which can differ depending on form type.

Specific users of Dynamics 365 Business Central find that although the solution does include in-built workflow functionality, it is limited. For multiple approval routes to work, non-financial users will require some level of Business Central license. Some will require full licenses if they are the last approver in the chain in order to create an approved transaction.

This is why we created our Purchase and Expense Management module for Dynamics 365 Business Central as it aims to simplify this process and enable your organisation to have full auditable control over purchase-based transactions.

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  • Powerful reporting

    Provides a complete analysis by form type with any associated status, approval history or line level detail.

  • Improves efficiencies

    Enables expenses to be entered quickly and efficiently with all associated back up for ease of audit internally and externally.

  • Saves time

    Your organisation can spend more time focusing on increasing income rather than financial adminstrative tasks.

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