Understand, analyse, and predict with m-hance NfP Insights white paper


Download our Understand, Analyse, and Predict with m-hance NfP Insights White Paper.

m-hance NfP Insights enables every non-profit organisation to unify disparate data – be it transactional, observational or behavioural sources – to gain a single view of all activities and derive insights that drive key organisational processes.

The key phrase is “one version of the truth” as all stakeholders from General Users to System Administrators to the trustee and up to board level see the same data. m-hance NfP Insights also can be used to predict donor intent, donor attrition and event planning, for informed decision making across all functions within your organisation. All of these are available without any manual report or data gathering required, making your organisation pro-active instead of reactive and enabling time to be spent more productively.

m-hance NfP Insights uses Microsoft’s Power Platform. This allows for deeper insights by using Power BI but can also then link to any customer Power Apps in operation and the triggering of workflows based on donor activity using Power Automate.

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