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Data is one of the most critical assets to any business. Having the ability to recover entire servers right down to individual files or emails is a powerful tool for your organisation’s IT Department.

What is your Backup Strategy?

The industry standard rule is 3-2-1 and states that you should, as a minimum, have 3 copies of your data, stored in two different formats and 1 copy should be offsite.

More recently, there is the 3-2-1 backup rule, with the additional recommendation that you should add 0-1 to the rule where your data is “Air-Gapped”, meaning the data is outside of your network and inaccessible and recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Checking backups is always seen as tedious, but should be one of the most important tasks your IT Department undertakes on a daily basis, ensuring the integrity and recoverability of your backups.

What is mRecover?

mRecover is a versatile backup product that protects all of your workloads, whether these be on-premises, in the Cloud or part of the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Services. Our product gives your IT Department and organisation the peace of mind that all your data is protected and backed up in accordance with your internal IT Policies. As part of our m-Recover Service, our Team checks your backups daily, to ensure data integrity.

What can mRecover do for your Organisation?

Benefits of the m-Recover Service include your organisation’s data being:

  • Encrypted: All your data is secured and encrypted in transit and at rest, meaning that no one can read your data when it is stored
  • Replicated: Key business information is stored in geographically diverse locations to safeguard against outages
  • Secure: Data is stored so that no guest or attacker has direct access to your data
  • Immutable: Data can be stored with policies where it cannot be modified or changed for a specific period of time

Why choose mRecover?


Here are some of the key benefits to your organisation:

  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Geographically diverse storage for critical data backups
  • Granular restore down to file or email level
  • Full Server restore options
  • Ongoing Management and Monitoring
  • Failure Resolution
  • Protection for all workloads (physical, virtual and Microsoft Office 365)
  • Long-term retention is available
  • Reduce data loss
  • Improved data security
  • Free up IT Resources
  • Multiple Recovery Points Available

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