Integration Services

We offer a full range of Integration Services, ranging from consultation and guidance right through to full implementation of end-to-end processes

Introduction to Integration

In today’s world, you need to use different applications to run your business effectively. But how do you make sure that these applications communicate with each other and share data seamlessly? That’s where integrations come in.

At mhance, we understand that not all integrations are created equally. We offer a variety of integration solutions that can meet your specific needs and challenges. Whether you need to connect your cloud applications with each other, or with your on-premise systems, we have the expertise and the tools to make it happen. Our integrations are built with performance, scalability, reliability and ease of maintenance in mind.

We have a proven track record of delivering successful integrations for a range of popular cloud solutions, many of which we partner with. We can help you leverage the best of both worlds and optimise your business processes with our integrations.

Data Integration Services


We can provide integration services to and from a range of platforms and we specialise in integrations of data to and from Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform, including both Dynamics 365 CRM and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Our Data Services Team is skilled in a number of applicable technologies, including:

  • Azure Data Factories, Azure Data Lakes, Azure SQL and SQL Server Integration Services
  • Power Automate and Logic Apps
  • C#.Net
  • KingswaySoft and SmartConnect

Accessing Source Data

We can offer a range of options in terms of accessing source data, including:

  • Consumption of published API’s (REST, SOAP, oData etc.)
  • Automated processing of files exported from the source application
  • Direct access to source datasets, where permitted

Our integrations can be designed to fit each particular use case, supporting webhooks, automated polling and/or triggered initiation

Advantages of Utilising an Interim Data Hub

Whilst we can support direct integration from source to destination, some customers may have a preference to undertake a more loosely-coupled approach, utilising an interim data hub – this is something m-hance readily supports and it can provide a number of advantages, including:

  • A clearly defined separation of technologies/skillsets
  • The ability to retrieve (to the hub) incomplete data that may otherwise have failed to integrate
  • Support for down-stream integration to multiple destinations

Extendable and Customisable

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In many cases, mhance can draw upon pre-built integration templates which can then be extended/customised to meet the specific requirements of a particular customer integration.

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