Recurring Billing for Business Central – on-demand webinar


The administration of recurring contracts and associated invoicing can require multiple resources across a number of functions, and at times be a very manual process. Our Recurring Contract Management and Billing PowerApp for Business Central aims to streamline this process from initial contract / renewal document creation all the way through to the sales invoice being created and billed successfully in line with accounting standards without any duplication of data entry.

Our ERP product expert Daniel Booth will guide you through our PowerApp based product and provide a demonstration of how to:

  • Create a new contract with options for reporting
  • Link to Business Central items for invoicing
  • Process an invoice covering a date period and see how this is reflected for accounting treatment in Business Central
  • Create a renewal document directly from our product via word in a pre-configured word document template
  • Use the PowerBI reports linked to the data for various reporting purposes.

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