Protect Your Business With Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning – on-demand webinar


Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR), like so many things, only grab our attention when they affect us directly and we experience some type of interruption resulting in data loss, or a disruption to the normal running of the organisation. The impact on your business can be financial, lost productivity or loss of reputation. In extreme cases, a business may not recover.

m-hance offers a BCDR solution. Two of these service offerings are Microsoft Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery services which contribute to a BCDR strategy.

In this 30 minute on-demand webinar, our m-hance expert Richard Carrick will discuss:

  • What is Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and how can it help your business – covering Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR), Site Recovery Vs Azure Backup and constant replication
  • Supported Platforms
  • The benefits of Azure
  • The recovery agent required for each protected machine
  • Recovery including policies around Recovery Point retention, snap shot frequency, failback as an option to physical on-prem
  • Bubble network / test environment
  • Scheduled failover to Azure
  • What happens in the event of the on-prem platform/Azure being offline

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