Build 365 | Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Product Suppliers

Already configured for Construction Product Suppliers

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Whether you’re breaking bulk, selling products to retailers, bidding for projects or providing support to clients, as a Product Supplier to the Construction sector you have a multitude of relationships to maintain. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you to understand those relationships and act to improve them. By unifying your Customer Services, Sales and Marketing teams, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with a single, holistic view of every relationship. So you can market smarter, sell effectively, and deliver amazing customer experiences.


  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365

    Get customer information up to date, and then stay up to date. Upload emails from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Dynamics CRM at the touch of a button.

  • Understand your Project History

    Do you bid for project work? Build 365 puts project history, as well as relationships held by your team, with prospects and third parties, at the heart of CRM.

  • Familiar and easy to use

    If you're a Microsoft Office user you'll find that Build 365, based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is intuitive and easy to use.

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