Charity CRM Software

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  • Increase efficiency

    Reduce time spent on administrative tasks and therefore operating costs.

  • Improve decision-making

    Make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data.

  • Increase income

    Attract more grants by leveraging the data within the system to highlight your social impact, how you are using funds and how many people have been helped.

  • Enhance data security and compliance

    GDPR compliance ensuring your charity is not breaking code of conduct.

  • Store your information securely

    Data is stored within the Microsoft cloud.

  • Manage your fundraising events

    Create, invite, track and report on your events and participant attendance.

  • Monitor your donations

    Gain key insights into the different types of donations coming into your charity (one-off gifts, legacy, recurring, major gift).

  • Manage your major donors and legacy donations

    Identify key donors to ensure they receive the right level of engagement.

  • Manage your volunteers

    Capture recruiting, vetting, skillsets and availability of volunteers in one central place.

  • Report on your good work

    Track and highlight your charity's social impact within your community.

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