Optimise Financial Reporting & Planning with Solver – on-demand


Title: Optimise Financial Reporting & Planning with Solver

Many finance teams will live partially or fully in Excel to fulfil their reporting, budgeting and forecasting processes. On one hand, they are comfortable working in Excel and have advanced skills. On the other hand, the process can be error prone with lots of time consumed on routine tasks such as:

  • Manually collecting data by exporting from different applications and combining it all in spreadsheets for analysis.
  • Formatting and checking spreadsheets to ensure there are no errors.
  • Emailing reports and budget input spreadsheets out to budget contributors.
  • Chasing people for their input.
  • Experiencing challenges in engaging in scenario planning and forecasting.
  • Finally, spending more time manually collating all the inputs into a final budget

But what if you could have the best of both worlds?

If you are a finance leader that would like to learn how you can optimise your reporting and planning processes, then join us for this webinar where we will introduce you to Solver, a cloud-based (Microsoft Azure) reporting, budgeting, forecasting and data analysis solution.

Solver is a Microsoft preferred Corporate Performance Management solution and a part of Microsoft’s Gold independent software vendor (ISV) program.

During this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • How Solver’s QuickStart implementation for Business Central accelerates your time to insight. You can access 100+ reports and budget templates within one day
  • An overview of Solver’s real time integration to Power BI with 50+ out of the box dashboards
  • How to combine data from multiple data sources and design your own reports in Solver’s flexible Excel based report designer
  • Improve visibility and gain better control of planning processes with Solver Workflow
  • Simplify budget data entry for contributors through web based input templates
  • Perform what-if scenarios and store multiple scenarios of the budget or forecast for comparison
  • Support driver based planning, payroll planning, cost allocations and more advanced planning requirements

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