NfP 365 V5.8 Updates – on-demand


As an NfP 365 customer, we’d like to invite you to listen to our on-demand webinar where our expert Mandeep Padan will showcase some of the exciting new features and functionality within the NfP 365 V5.8 release.

What we will cover:

Key Enhancements in NfP 365 V5.8:
  • Extension of the Soft Credit framework
  • Gift Aid Declaration filtering
  • Improvements to JustGiving and VMG integrations
  • BIC/IBAN Validation
  • PAIN002 Rejection Processing
  • Credit Card Registration
  • ‘Quick Create’ Payment Schedule & Pledge
  • Support for reinstatement of IoPs
  • Tax Claim Income View
  • UI Improvements
Additional Technical Improvements in NfP 365 V5.8 including:
  • Increased Data Integrity
  • Enhanced Process Logging
  • Enhanced Support for Merge of Large Events
  • Improved Performance when Merging Consents
  • Hourly & Daily Process Improvements
  • API Enhancements
  • Journal Optimisations
  • Improved Deployment Scripts

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