Increase Your Charity’s Reporting with Power BI – on-demand webinar

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Increase Your Charity’s Reporting with Power BI is hosted by m-hance’s Lead Pre-Sales Engagement Consultant Daniel Booth.

Our increase your charity’s reporting with Power BI session consisted of a demonstration of the world leading reporting platform Power BI and how this can be used in charities across all systems to provide easy to access insights into your charities performance.

  1. What is Power BI?
  2. How can Power BI enhance your understanding of your charities operations
  3. How to import data into Power BI
  4. Adding additional information to Power BI from other sources
  5. Managing data
  6. Share and Access reports across all users
  7. Power BI reporting examples

This session was useful to any charity wanting to improve their reporting capabilities not only creating the reports, but also with regards to how the different reporting stakeholders in a charity receives and interacts with reports.

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