Information Commissioner’s Office | Microsoft Dynamics GP

Information Commissioner’s Office | Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Information Commissioner’s Office replaces inflexible legacy system with Microsoft Dynamics GP to enable business growth. The Not-for-Profit body handles tens of thousands of data protection and freedom of information cases and now benefits from a scalable ERP solution.

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"We worked very closely with our mhance consultant throughout the project, who was knowledgeable about the system and provided clear guidance on how Microsoft Dynamics GP would be configured to meet our needs."

Simon Wiseman, IT Specialist, ICO

Customer Success

Microsoft Dynamics GP has significantly improved the efficiency of the ICO’s accounting processes. Account and information management is now more flexible and scalable. Microsoft Dynamics GP integrates with the Microsoft Office applications making it intuitive and familiar. Their new ERP solution now provides all users with fast, accurate and functional accounting capabilities which has improved ICO’s account transparency. The implementation was completed in 3 months

ICO has more than 350,000 organisations that notify them issues surrounding data protection and related regulation within the UK. Their legacy ERP (Sun Systems) does not offer the reporting capabilities required to move forward as an organisation. The ICO did not have a platform in place that allowed for efficiency and innovation within their accounting.

mhance implemented an on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics GP that has made the ICO’s accounting processes more efficient whilst providing a foundation for future development. The ICO now use analytical accounting to split-out costs and revenues associated with each event they run and the different accounts they manage.

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