Are you effectively using technology to drive growth?


Finding ways to grow your organisation is a top priority for any senior management team. One area which is commonly looked at is to effectively use technology to drive growth. Last year I wrote an article about how to turn Digital Transformation into a business opportunity. I recently reflected on the article and how it had a sceptical outlook on digital transformation due to the technology available for the majority of businesses at that time.

From that time there have been so many advancements in technology that I’m fully convinced in the opportunities and that any organisation is capable of achieving them.

Why embrace a culture of Digital Transformation?

To improve your organisation’s performance and growth.

Part of a Digital Transformation culture is about utilising data that comes into your organisation to make informed decisions and meaningful actions. I’ve seen examples where companies have been able to be proactive in contacting specific customers due to the insights gained from data which highlighted they were unhappy. Others have been able to spot trends in the market earlier than before, which informed their decisions to alter their products and services.

But where do you start?

Are you effectively using technology to drive growth

Utilise data to make informed decisions and meaningful actions

1. Capture data

  • Start to see data as an asset rather than a by-product of process or legislative necessity.
  • Understand the different sources of data your organisation currently has access to.
  • Do you have the capabilities to capture data properly?

2. Connect data sources together to create intelligence

  • Only people who know your organisation and industry can work out the correlation points between your data sources.
  • Can you already think of links between your customers, the services they purchase and your teams who deliver those services?
  • By working out the key links between data sources you can gleam insights to bring real value to the data.

3. Action improvements by using the insights

  • Start using the intelligence gained from your data to action improvements. Transform how your organisation engages with customers, how service is delivered and how the organisation interacts together.

4. Review results and build

  • Once you start on the Digital Transformation journey, review results and find more ways to build feedback loops to capture data.

What options are available to embrace Digital Transformation?

There are lots of software options available to organisations to help with Digital Transformation. I work closely with Microsoft solutions and would advise organisations of any size to check out the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud products. Start your journey to find ways you can effectively use technology to drive growth and improve your organisation’s performance.

Please get in contact if you need advice along the way!

Article by:
Steve MacDonald
Pre-Sales Consultant