Achieve the specific needs of your charity using Microsoft Power Apps

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Achieve the specific needs of your charity using Microsoft Power Apps 

Think again if you thought that developing custom apps is only possible for enterprise-level organisations with large budgets or IT teams. Small to mid-sized businesses and charities can solve specific challenges and become more productive through apps customised to fit their individual needs, thanks to the rise of low code development platforms like Microsoft Power Apps. 

Continue reading to discover the benefits of Microsoft Power Apps for charities and how they may help you deliver your core message more effectively. 

What is Power Apps? 

Power Apps is a cloud-based application delivery and management platform that enables organisations to deliver apps securely, and cost-effectively to end-users. Power Apps includes extensive connectivity with Power BI, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business to provide a highly versatile application lifecycle management solution. Furthermore, Power Apps captures charity processes and uses business activities to automate user-defined workflows, allowing organisations to concentrate on their end-users and processes. 

Microsoft Power Apps is a technology that aims to give non-coders complete control over software design. You can build custom apps from the ground up to solve all of your charity’s unique needs. And, because of Microsoft’s modular drag-and-drop methodology, you don’t need any prior coding experience. You can start with a blank canvas and drag and drop the components you need to create a custom solution. You can also use one of the dozens of pre-set templates included with Power Apps. These templates tackle common issues and can provide inspiration for improving your charity’s programmes. 

Power Apps empowers organisations to build their own apps and solutions.  

It’s crucial to find technology that helps your charity achieve its goal of assisting with the problems your organisation has set out to address. As a result of the inherent uniqueness of your work, there aren’t many technological solutions that can meet your specific requirements. You may find yourself attempting to piece together solutions from three or four apps, none of which do what you require. 

Microsoft Power Apps enables your team to create new solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. You can create apps that address internal company issues or external problems that your charity is attempting to solve. This can boost your productivity and help your organisation achieve its objectives faster than ever before. 

Power Apps streamlines operations 

Operating a charity may be difficult when dealing with all of the tedious, repetitive tasks that need to be completed. You’re attempting to better the world which already requires a lot of resources. You don’t have time to constantly write thank-you emails to donors or build email lists of your supporters. Power Apps enables you to automate and manage processes while offering insights into the operations of the organisation, allowing you to focus on what is truly essential. When an investor makes a donation, you can develop a custom application that generates and sends a thank-you note. You can also develop a mechanism that will circulate documents around your employees to ensure that everything reaches the correct person on time. 

Power Apps provide organisations with a platform of endless possibilities 

Have you ever felt that the solutions currently available to you are limiting the possibilities of your charity? Working with technology that isn’t built for your needs can restrict how much your team can accomplish. When you’re confined by the tools you’re using, it can be difficult to see the bigger picture. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to what your team can accomplish using Microsoft Power Apps. You can develop a solution quickly and easily if you can conceive it. 

Your brainstorming meetings won’t have to consist of ifs or maybes. Instead, your staff will be able to be more daring with their ideas, broadening their creative problem-solving abilities and increasing your chances of success. 

Power Apps saves you money! 

How many technology programs do you suspect your organisation is now paying for? How many “solutions” are you continuing to pay for each month that don’t actually solve your problems? What if you could pay a lower amount for a single solution that provided you with additional capability and power? Microsoft Power Apps can help you consolidate expenses while also getting solutions that operate better for you. You can pay for just one package and have solutions tailored to your organisation’s needs. This frees up more of your income to support the cause you’re working for. 

The apps you build are extremely secure 

Finally, as a charitable organisation, data security is critical. You might have sensitive information on your investors, donors, or supporters. You must ensure that you have the most up-to-date data security in order to keep your personal information and that of your associates secure. 

Microsoft Power Apps can assist you in implementing automated data security measures for your organisation. You can, for example, set up checkpoints, restrict access as needed, and keep items contained to specific groups. All of these solutions are as adaptable as you require, allowing you to have data protection that actually works for you. 

Microsoft Power Apps is a powerful tool that can assist your charity in obtaining the unique solutions it requires. Even if you have no coding knowledge, you can construct fairly basic programmes tailored to your organisational needs. With the correct software tools in hand, you can achieve the goals you set to overcome. Trying to figure out how to make Power Apps work for your organisation? View our Power Apps 101 on demand webinar or talk to our team who can help you get set up today.