We invite you to join us as we exhibit at the Fundraising Summer School event in Dublin, Ireland.

When: 14th & 15th May 2024

Where: Dublin, Ireland

Spanning two days, Dublin will be the proud host of Ireland’s premier event, bringing together the largest group of fundraisers, activists, leaders, and charity sector specialists. This event serves as a platform to delve into innovative concepts that promise to guide our sector for the next fifty years, while also honoring the enduring wisdom that has forged a strong foundation for our charity community.

A consistent beacon for fundraisers who are passionate about making a global impact, The Fundraising Summer School upholds this legacy in its current edition. You are warmly invited to join our team at this exhibition, where our experts will be present at a booth, representing a distinguished gathering in Ireland’s Not-for-Profit sector. Every member of The Fundraising Summer School team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, ready to ignite inspiration, engage in meaningful dialogue, contribute their thoughts, and provide thoughtful analysis, both in the spotlight and behind the scenes.

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