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Welcome to BOOST! A range of £10k packages designed to help your organisation get a first foot on the Microsoft solution ladder.

Finance BOOST!

Created from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with essential and core modules.

  • Allows for financial transactions recording and reporting capabilities in an accelerated environment.
  • Business Central seamlessly interacts with commonly used programmes such as Word, Excel, and Teams.
  • Scalable with the ability to grow as the organisation
  • Automated exchange rate services.
  • Cloud based finance system.

Reporting BOOST!

Enhance your current system’s reporting on Microsoft Dynamics 365 using Power BI.

  • Enhances current systems using Power BI.
  • Provides users with basic training to create, publish, refresh data automatically and share reports with colleagues.
  • Offers an intro into Power BI, Visualisations, Data Management & Managing
  • Clear Dashboard for reporting and visualisation of CRM, Business Central and other data sources.

Optimisation BOOST!

Allows your organisation to gain more control over your software expenses.

  • Easily identify cost savings.
  • Drives user adoption across your full Microsoft 365 estate.
  • Clear view of your device compliance.
  • Easily navigate the Microsoft secure score.

Compliance BOOST!

Your organisation can manage its Microsoft 365 data in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Provides understanding on how retention and deletion works in 365.
  • Create retention policies for the workloads identified, with custom settings and actions to comply with industry regulations.
  • Enables archives for mailboxes, providing users with extra mailboxes for additional storage.
  • Manages and understands inactive mailboxes that contain content after employees leave an organisation.
  • Ability to import PST files that contain data they want to govern into online mailboxes, using network upload and drive shipping.
  • Discover & classify your sensitive data.
  • Design, Create & Tune DLP policies.

Sales BOOST!

Streamlines the implementation of the Dynamics 365 Sales module, ensuring your organisation fully harnesses its capabilities using industry best practices.

  • Utilised to help manage sales pipeline.
  • Automates sales processes integrating Outlook, Excel, and Dynamics 365 Sales, with further integrated dashboards.
  • Account & Opportunity management.
  • Lead & Opportunity management.
  • Managing sales activity and pipeline.
  • Expedite the ROI an organisation can gain from D365 Sales.

Service BOOST!

Enables your organisation to fully leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Service for industry best practices on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

  • Utilising tools to support with helpdesks.
  • Automates helpdesk, which better manages legacy products.
  • Transforms a simple helpdesk into a web self-service solution.
  • Case, Account & Contact management.
  • Built in case dashboards.
  • Helps expedite the ROI on D365 Customer Service features.
  • Evolves your help solution, making it more agile.
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