Recurring Contract & Billing Management

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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When it comes to basic contract management, this is often completed outside of an organisation’s ERP system and with a high reliance on external databases with limited reporting capabilities. Storing documentation and responses around contract management and renewals therefore becomes extremely manual, and giving all stakeholders within an organisation visibility of every interaction is almost impossible.

In addition to this, billing contracts is often a fully separate and segmented process – meaning duplicate entry of information across different functions of an organisation simply to get an invoice billed to a customer.

Furthermore, there is also the financial treatment of documents to consider. Different billing profiles will require differing finance treatment including the deferring of revenues in any future billing period. This again, in many organisations, is either a very costly process with add-on modules, or is a manual step either within the ERP system itself or via complex spreadsheets managed via financial accountants.

This is why we created our Recurring Contract & Billing Management App for Dynamics 365 Business Central. It is a fully integrated solution which ensures that all of your organisation’s contract-related information is contained in one place.

Key features and benefits

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  • It manages full Contract management from renewals through to invoicing
  • It stores all documents against a contract for review
  • Gives you a full audit trail of renewal documentation, invoicing and credit notes processed
  • The App works specifically with “Items” in Business Central and, therefore defaults either at the customer or dimension level
  • Can create contract number as a dimension for contract profitability if required
  • Automatically updates deferral schedules in Business Central in line with deferral templates assigned to each item
  • And so much more – download our factsheet for more information

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