Unleashing Marketing Potential: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys April Wave Release Highlights

Authored By: Ciaran Reynolds
Dynamics 365 Consultant

The forthcoming April wave release for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys indicates an exciting array of enhancements designed to refine and amplify marketing efforts within the Microsoft ecosystem. Once recognised as Dynamics Marketing, this sophisticated tool is integral to Dynamics 365, offering the capability to segment data intricately, devise enriched email campaigns, create interactive marketing forms, and develop comprehensive customer engagement journeys, all backed by the robust Dynamics Dataverse framework.

Let’s explore some of our standout features that are set to debut in this release, underscoring Microsoft’s commitment to elevating marketing strategies through advanced technology and user-centric design.

Easily manage customer consent from contact and lead forms

Set to become generally available in June 2024, the updated platform will facilitate an intuitive management of customer consent directly within contact and lead forms. This enhancement ensures marketers can swiftly modify consents, providing a centralised overview to manage communications preferences across diverse channels, thereby elevating organisational compliance and customer trust.

Take campaigns from concept to launch using Copilot

March 2024 introduces a public preview of Copilot, a transformative feature within Customer Insights that propels campaign creation into a new era of efficiency and creativity. By simply outlining your desired outcomes or supplying a creative brief, Copilot harnesses AI to craft targeted content and designs, streamlining the path from concept to execution and enabling marketers to deploy campaigns with unprecedented speed and relevance.

Capture responses from external, third-party forms

The April 2024 general availability of this feature underscores the platform’s flexibility, allowing for the incorporation of third-party form responses into Customer Insights – Journeys. This capability extends the reach of your data capture strategies, enhancing lead and contact generation without the need for duplicative form development.

Elevating trust with branded links

Anticipated for a public preview in April 2024, the customisation of email and consent links addresses a pivotal aspect of digital marketing – trust. By personalising links with your company’s branding, you instil confidence in your communications, fostering improved engagement and brand loyalty.

In-depth email interaction insights

Beginning in April 2024, users will gain the ability to view exact replicas of sent emails within the platform, a critical feature for auditing, compliance, and refining customer engagement strategies based on past interactions.

Optimise engagement and increase conversion rates with email A/B testing

Also set for an April 2024 release, the introduction of email A/B testing within real-time journeys empowers marketers to discern the most effective email variants, thereby optimising engagement and conversion outcomes.

Reach your customers at the right moment with send scheduling

Arriving in July 2024, send scheduling functionality ensures that messages are dispatched at optimal times, aligning with customer preferences and behaviours to enhance the likelihood of engagement and action.

Targeted email communication

Effective May 2024, this update provides the flexibility to select the most pertinent email address for message delivery, ensuring that communications are both relevant and timely for the intended recipient.

Dynamic data collection via forms

Scheduled for July 2024, this feature will allow the addition of diverse query types directly within the form editor, obviating the need for custom attribute creation and thereby streamlining data collection processes.

Journey diversification with split tiles

The July 2024 introduction of journey split tiles presents a novel way to segment audiences within a single journey, enabling tailored experiences and facilitating nuanced marketing strategies.

Enhanced lead qualification and routing

In April 2024, advanced lead scoring and segmentation tools will afford marketers the nuanced capability to identify and engage with prospects exhibiting a high likelihood of conversion, fostering synergy between marketing and sales initiatives.

Each of these forthcoming features signifies a stride forward in the evolution of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights – Journeys, spotlighting Microsoft’s ongoing dedication to providing robust, user-friendly tools that empower marketers to craft more effective, personalised, and engaging customer journeys. Contact our team today if you have any questions about any of the forthcoming updates.

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