Turning donors into life-long supporters NfP Event


NfP Event Round up: Increase fundraising and turn donors into life-long supporters

Event date: Tues 7th Nov | 10am – 2pm
Venue: NCVO, London

Microsoft Partner, m-hance, hosts an exclusive event for not-for-profit fundraising professionals, featuring guest speakers from Microsoft and Adapta Consulting.

The free-to-attend event is designed specifically for small and medium-sized not-for-profit organisations and explores how you can improve your supporter relationships, enhance your marketing efforts and increase fundraising.

See the event agenda here

We understand that whatever your charitable cause, you still need to develop, understand, nurture and manage the relationships you have with your supporters. So the event features Microsoft’s Senior Technology Evangelist, Hector Minto, to cover how technology can help charities better deliver their mission and improve how to realise the impact.

The event also includes assistance on tackling GDPR, as Adapta Consulting’s Fiona Brookes discusses the GDPR framework and controls that will need to be in place for all charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

NfP specialists, Tory Cassie and James Glover, unveil the features and functionality of NfP 365 Essentials a pre-packaged solution based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 that offers you key relationship management, marketing and fundraising functionality, yet with the flexibility to extend and increase its breadth of capability as a charity grows.

Event Highlights

Session 1 + 2: Who is m-hance and what is NfP 365 Essentials? | Tory Cassie, m-hance




Tory Cassie welcomes a full house of charity fundraising professionals and introduces and showcases m-hance’s expertise, experience and success with not-for-profit organisations.

Tory’s slide deck can be found here:



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Session 3: GDPR Frameworks and Controls | Fiona Brookes, Adapta Consulting




Fiona Brookes’ session breaks down the GDPR into practical steps as a basic guideline for charity organisations. Find the slide deck here:



Session 4: NfP 365 Essentials live demo | James Glover, m-hance



James Glover takes attendees on a tour of the features and functionality that make up NfP 365 Essentials, a charity relationship management solution for small and growing charities based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. James’ session is not available as a shareable PowerPoint, but you can request your own tour of NfP 365 Essentials via the button below.


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Session 5: How technology can help you and your charity better deliver your mission and improve how you realise your impact | Hector Minto, Microsoft



Hector Minto demonstrates what organisations can do to be more accessible in our daily activities, and the benefit that has on a charity’s impact on supporters.

m-hance would like to thank all of the attendees of today’s event. We hope you find the insights useful and feel empowered to go back to your organisation and implement positive changes that transform one-off donors into life-long supporters. m-hance would also like to thank the keynote speakers, Fiona Brookes, Hector Minto and our own Tory Cassie and James Glover for making the day a success. Finally, we would like to thank NCVO for hosting the event today.

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Read more about the event and NfP 365 Essentials here