Microsoft Dynamics Sales & Customer Service Wave release preview – on-demand webinar

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service are getting new features from October through to March 2023. To that end, our Head of Solutions Architecture James Glover hosted a webinar previewing these new features and demonstrating how you can get the most out of them for your organisation. Below is the agenda for the session.

  • Power Apps: Power Pages, New Grid Edit Controls, Embed Edit Forms, PowerFX calculated columns/business rule/buttons, Notification, Custom Pages (embed apps), Virtual Tables  (SQL / Dataverse / Excel),
  • Dynamics 365: Case Swarm (mix of teams and D365), Dynamics Marketing (Multi- Brand), Dynamics Marketing (Improved Lead Capture), Dynamics Marketing (Journeys now included phones and tasks and Sequences, Customer Insights Next Best Actions (AI), Enriched Teams Features (embed in timeline), Viva Sales, Sales Sequences
  • Embedded Power BI

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