BAM Construction | Build 365 CRM

BAM Construction | Build 365 CRM

Responsible for some truly iconic landmarks across the country and with close partners such as Rolls-Royce, Network Rail, the Medical Research Council, Argent and Derwent, BAM Construct UK turned to m-hance to help manage relations and automate campaign tasks with Build 365 CRM.


BAM Construct UK required a system to manage its projects and record details of sales leads and future opportunities

Its previous CRM solution wasn’t able to provide the insight and flexibility it needed

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“The system’s advanced functionality also meant that we were able to do so much more with it out of the box’ compared to other systems.”

Mukesh Parmar, Marketing Information Manager, BAM Construction

Customer Success

BAM Construct UK uses Build 365 to accurately track and maximise opportunities within its sales pipeline.

Integrates with other Microsoft Office applications and allows users to work entirely from Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM behaves like the familiar Microsoft Office products.

Accessing data and monitoring campaign performance is quick and easy.

Marketing tasks are automated, freeing up resource to apply further intelligence into campaign strategies.

Real-time communication tool improves team collaboration.

Centralised document management centre allows multiple users to access shared files.

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