10 Reasons to upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016


1. Goodbye Silverlight, Hello HTML5

Good news – Microsoft Dynamics GP has moved on and now uses HTML5. This means you can now use GP on any modern browser, on any modern device. Not restricted to just computers either, you can now access your information on your tablet or smartphone device whilst on the fly.

2. SmartList Designer: SmartLists from favourites

By using Designer you can select a favourite and export a SmartList without having to remove all of the extra columns in the default SmartList. This time-saving feature means you don’t have to manually remove all of the columns from each report you run.

3. Microsoft Dynamics GP budget exception report

Things have got that little bit easier when it comes to reporting too! Now when you import a budget form from Excel, another new report will be printed displaying all of the accounts that are missing from Dynamics GP. Finding the missing accounts at the very start of the workflow can save a lot of time and stop users having to manually search through options trying to find the cause of import problems.

4. Sales and inventory all-in-one document view

Previously, when going through sales orders and inventory records, you would have to open up window after window, after window. Now with an all-in-one sales view, you can quickly see all of the transactions associated with a record with the click of a button.

5. Workflow reassignment Notifications

Now you get notified by an email when something is ready to be approved, but not only that. It also includes options such as delegate, escalation and alternate approval.

6. HTTPS support for management reporter

Dynamics GP 2016 now gives users the ability to host reports over an external network via a secure HTTPS Connection making it even easier to view and analyse financial statements.

7. Export to Excel in number format

Previously in Dynamics GP exported spreadsheets would give numbers in text format. Obviously, this isn’t very useful if you want to export and share without changing the formatting. But now you can export reports that feature numbers, as well, numbers, which is much better!

8. Power BI integration

Power BI has now been integrated within the homepage of Microsoft Dynamics GP. This means you can view the information you need a lot quicker – right on the homepage.

9. Credit card option in payables

A new credit card field has now been added to the Payables Batch Entry window, meaning you can use a credit card (or debit card) as the payment method for a specific batch. Of course, you need to set up the credit card record before this feature can be used – but it will make things a lot easier for your payments team.

10. Multi-page documents scanning

Ever wished you could scan a multiple page document into a single attachment within Microsoft Dynamics GP? Well, now you can. All you need is a scanner that supports multiple page scanning and you’re in luck simply load the pages into the scanner and click scan within Microsoft Dynamics GP. They couldn’t have made it any simpler.

These are just some of the new features you can expect to find in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP – but there’s a lot more, contact us to find out what these are!