Power BI Reporting for Fundraising & Engagement

Power BI Reporting for Fundraising & Engagement

For fundraising and marketing teams within charitable organisations, understanding the performance of your campaigns is essential for you to be able to measure what’s been a success and what has been less so.

Inbuilt reporting within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Service, although serving a purpose, does have some limitations with the volume of content/records, but also with the way it can be shared within organisations.

This is why we created our Power BI reporting module for Fundraising & Engagements; taking the existing reporting capabilities within Dynamics to another level.

What's included?

Our Power BI reporting pack for Fundraising & Engagement comes with a pre-defined set of reports covering the following areas:

  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Income (Overview, Analysis and Current Year vs Prior Year Analysis
  • Opportunities
  • Volunteering
  • Awards/Grants
  • Events
  • Donor Attrition
  • Engagement
  • Case Management


Your organisation can view quick, visual and interactive reports of core areas of your Fundraising & Engagement solution. Not only that but the reports can easily be shared with your colleagues via Power BI online with automated data refreshes.

Key features and benefits

  • Data driven and visual reporting, providing drill-down levels for summarised and detailed reporting as required
  • Desktop and Cloud allows users to create reports within a desktop environment and publish to the Cloud for a wider audience to access
  • Report viewers will not need Dynamics 365 access or licenses as reports are viewed directly through Power BI via a Power BI Pro License
  • Reports are viewed directly through Power BI so viewers will not require access to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Within the Cloud, reports can be scheduled to automatically update hourly, daily or weekly
  • Seamless integration with PowerPoint means that reports can be converted into reporting/board packs at the click of a button
  • If the data is held within Fundraising & Engagement then our Power BI reporting pack can report on it

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