GDPR Assistant for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Our GDPR Assistant module has been specifically designed to support the anonymisation of personal information stored within Dynamics GP. By anonymising your data, your business will be able to meet the requirement to discard data under the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) which came into force in May 2018.

Manage your personal data within Dynamics GP

Who does GDPR affect?

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GDPR affects businesses operating within the UK, Ireland and the rest of the European Union. In addition to this, the UK implemented a new Data Protection Act (2018) on the 23rd May 2018, which largely includes all provisions of GDPR – meaning that this area is fundamentally independent of the outcome of Brexit. Furthermore, the extra-territorial provisions of GDPR mean that even following Brexit, UK organisations will still be subject to GDPR for data held in relation to EU citizens – so if you sell into the EU, your business will still be subject to GDPR in relation to such individuals.

How can GDPR Assistant help?

The core purpose of GDPR Assistant (for Dynamics GP) is to support the anonymisation of personal information stored within Dynamics GP, whether this be personal or sensitive data. This functionality is required under the regulation for data relating to individuals and not companies. For example, if your business serves both Business to Business and Business to Consumer, you may need to differentiate records relating to individuals from those relating to companies.

Features of our GDPR Assistant module

  • Supports the ability to specify individual records as available/applicable for anonymisation
  • Supports the anonymisation of personal data for master Creditor and Debtor tables and associated tables (including 3rd-party tables)
  • Has the capability to define which Creditor or Debtor fields contain personal data for any of the defined tables
  • Defines a configurable duration to determine when records should be anonymised
  • Provides default sets of Record Selection Criteria which can then be modified
  • Incorporates Preview functionality to allow visibility of upcoming anonymisations
  • Supports multiple companies, with options for specific configurations per company
  • Logs details of records that have been anonymised and provides the ability to report on that data via a SmartList

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