Title: Unlocking New Potentials: A Journey Through AI in Microsoft Fundraising & Engagement

Date: Tuesday 25th June

Time: 10 am to 11 am

Where: Online via Microsoft Teams

In this session, mhance’s CTO James Glover will delve into the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence within the philanthropic sector, focusing on Microsoft’s innovative tools that enhance fundraising and donor engagement. James will highlight the ‘Likelihood to Donate’ feature, a predictive model that harnesses AI to assess and categorise potential donors based on their propensity to contribute to a cause. This tool is part of the broader Fundraising and Engagement suite within Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, which aims to streamline donor management and optimise fundraising campaigns.

The webinar will also explore the integration of AI with Microsoft’s Sales Copilot and Dynamics 365, offering nonprofits intelligent support to build apps, enhanced communication tools and analytics to deepen donor relationships and drive fundraising results. Attendees can expect to gain insights into leveraging these AI-driven tools to predict donor behaviour, personalise outreach, and ultimately, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their fundraising efforts.